This blog is a continuation of the Alberta Girl blog that currently exists on Tumblr, but which I will no longer be maintaining there.

I decided to rename and move the blog over for a few different reasons. Firstly, I want this to function as a more personal space to share and think out loud, and the "Alberta Girl" name ties too closely to my business, Alberta Girl Acres and its brand. I don't want to muddy the lines between Sarah the flower farmer and Sarah the regular girl (with occasional off-brand thoughts). What I post here is for me and my kind-minded friends, not so much for my businessy public.

I moved the blog from tumblr mostly for the formatting options, but also because I've got a whole domain that's been sitting stagnant for a while, so I figured this would be a good use for it. I also hope it's easier for non-tumblr users to follow. All our beloved social media platforms are fast becoming all-consuming garbage fires, and I'd like a space that doesn't pull me into those distracting (at the best of times) and depressing (at the worst of times) messes.

So hi, welcome. For more info about me, take a peek at my ABOUT page. If you have questions about my life out here, please CONTACT me.

#newblog #hello #byebyetumblr

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