Hi there. I'm Sarah, and this is my blog.

I'm 39 (as of 2018), a mom of two, with a background in pastry arts, fine art, critical writing, comedy, femme-forward advocacy, nonprofit marketing & communications, and now, farming.


In the spring of 2017, I bought a farm. Setting aside my city life to pursue a sustainable livelihood in the country, I created Alberta Girl Acres, and began farming flowers in Southern Alberta's prairies.

This isn't a blog about my business, though. And this site isn't meant to hype, sell, or push any of my products or business messaging. I created this place because I enjoy thinking, writing, and sharing with friends, and while my farmhouse kitchen is occasionally filled with lively conversation, it doesn't quite compare to the frequent pub chats I used to have with friends. My dogs only have so much to say when it comes to life, the universe, and everything (their opinion on such matters is "bork", for the record). So this place is my surrogate pub. Although it's more likely I'll have a tea nearby than a beer, and drunk commenting from readers seems like a bad idea. So by "pub" I guess I mean "cafe". And by "cafe", I mean... blog.

Having run a personal blog before, and having experienced the consequences of disclosing too much too freely, I'm stepping into this project with some trepidation. In the wintertime, I want a place to connect and share thoughts that is relatively free from social media's hegemony and algorithmic schemes. In the summertime, I'll be completely swallowed by my business, so this place will be much quieter then. I suppose it will function as a seasonal platform, which will just have to do.

What this blog ISN'T, is a brand. I'm a real gal, and this is my little e-space. I'm not a dreamy lifestyle blogger either, and I won't live anyone else's dream vicariously for them. Sorry! And if I mention the amazing cinnamon buns or perfect steaks I made, I'm probably not gonna post the recipes. Double sorry!

A personal blog run publicly can be a tricky thing, especially when you're a woman on the internet who enjoys thinking out loud. And while I'm eager to share and engage with kind minds, I retain the right to delete, block, ignore, or shut down anyone who demands more from me than I am here to give. I'm also very private when it comes to my children and my family, so they will rarely be included in my posts here.

I'm just here to think and chat. Welcome, and thanks for visiting.